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With the highlight of a built-in infrared thermometer and in-depth electrocardiograms, DynasynQ also offers blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, respiratory rate and other essential health data monitoring. DynasynQ‘s mission is to become not only your smart health-care provider, but a life-time Health-Pal.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing masks and taking temperature measurements before entering public places have become our new normal. With a built-in infrared thermometer, DynasynQ measures your body temperature in just 3 seconds, giving you a peace of mind when traveling.
Technology improvements often render yesterday’s innovations obsolete. Not only is DynasynQ fast, precise and friendly – it’s also leading the innovation to the core with handy functional care features. Truly an all-in-one guardian for your health.
Aim to bridge the gap for improved patient-doctor communication and pave the way for a smarter healthcare, DynasynQ provides references for initial disease screening and chronic health management through real-time monitoring of various health parameters, and online consultation with medical professionals.

Personal Health Function:

Infrared Thermometer

Quick & Reliable Monitoring

DynasynQ takes accurate body temperature by detecting the heat radiation with a built-in infrared thermometer. To get an instant reading, simply place it close to the forehead, or of those next to you.

SpO2 & Blood Pressure

Catch the ‘silent-killer’

Powered by our patented AI algorithms and FDA-approved blood pressure measurement module, DynasynQ monitors your BP health and SpO2(blood oxygen saturation)level with a quick touch on its uniquely designed multi-purpose sensor.


Powerful insights into heart health

ECG Pro gives a quick overview of your heart health in just 60 seconds. Leave your fingers on the sensors for up to 4 minutes for a more comprehensive report and consult with cardiovascular doctors and experts right within the app.

Dynamic Heart Rate

Real-time & 24hr trend

DynasynQ helps you better understand your heart health by monitoring your resting and exercise heart rate around the clock.

Respiratory Rate

Each breath counts!

Respiratory rate is an important part of human vital signs. It can potentially indicate more serious conditions such as cardiac arrest. DynasynQ will send you notifications when it’s out of the normal range.

Breathing Training

Natural remedy for improved health

By monitoring physiological stress level and respiratory rate in real-time, DynasynQ offers a guided breathing training program with vibration and voice prompt. It’ll help user stabilize blood pressure, reduce anxiety and adjust to a balanced state of health.


At Medunion Global, we are devoted to scientific and technological innovation, particularly in the research and development of continuous health data. The founding team brought together academic talents and industry elites, including many skills in physics, optics, bioengineering, signal processing and artificial intelligence algorithms. We are committed to providing users with personalized and continuous telemedicine data management services through self-developed smart devices and advanced health management services.

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Sam Ho | CEO

Over 20 years of experience in production technology for consumer products. With outstanding strategic vision and management experiences, leading MUG team to leap into the future.

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Dr. Ralph Li | CTO

Ph.D. in the Department of Electronics and Information Engineering of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Doctoral Supervisor of Hong Kong Baptist University. Main research directions including big data, data mining, machine learning and pattern recognition.

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Man-Kit Lam

President of the World Ophthalmology Organization/Father of Biotechnology Famous artist, has made very important achievements in biomedical technology, especially ophthalmology, brain and genetically modified vaccine research.